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Item 137, Oak Table with bowl

Bowl 137 web.jpg

Wandering Nuku Hiva Island in the Marquesas group I saw a short table that was used as a sleeping pillow. The "pillow" was made from a small log so that the fiber orientation of the legs followed the growth rings for maximum strength. I decided to use this design for a low "tea table" with a bowl in the center for multiple uses. This work started as a log about 3' in diameter and 30" long. Carefully using a chain saw, I removed wood to form the four legs, and reduce the weight. I next cut a chord from the curved face to form the top of the table. This flat face was then attached to the lathe to turn much of the final shape. Following about a year of drying, the remaining form was carved using a variety of tools. The black color in the bowl area is a water and steel wool tint. The table weights about 50 pounds. 24" x 25" x 10".

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